Saving Space and RAM on Your PC by Installing LAN Messenger with Minimal Requirements

Saving Space and RAM on Your PC by Installing LAN Messenger with Minimal Requirements

You can’t have a business without a proper communication system. However, the biggest issue of the majority of internet business messengers is that they are not safe and that they take up too much space. Furthermore, they might have numerous system requirements, thus devouring more resources and making your life harder. LAN messenger from podcast is a great solution as it’s of small size, has minimal RAM and system requirements, and at the same time, it offers numerous useful functions as well as absolute safety.

LAN Functions

LAN messenger offers the following.

  • Various types of chats and group conversations;
  • Broadcast messaging;
  • Offline messaging;
  • Automatic encryption of every message and file sent;
  • Quick file transfer and storage.

LAN is a local area network so it doesn’t need the Internet, which makes such threats as hacking, files interception, and faulty connection non-existent. You can initiate conversations, participate in chats, and send mass messages with the help of several clicks. You can also send messages to someone who’s currently offline. LAN will store the message in its own system, without needing any additional servers.

The same goes for files. As soon as the file is sent, a link for a quick download will appear. You’ll be able to access it whenever you want and it won’t clutter the space on your PC. The real advantage, though, is the fact that despite these numerous functions, LAN isn’t demanding in the least.  

Saving Space

LAN messenger helps to save space by being of a barely noticeable size, especially by business standards. In fact, the majority of LAN messengers take up 1 GB of RAM at most. Considering the numbers of functions LAN provides and the width it covers, such size is incredible.

System Requirements

The wonders don’t cease with the small installation size. The application poses a minimal set of hardware requirements for your system. The processor should be of 1GHz. While LAN takes up to 1 GB of RAM, the overall disk space for a comfortable LAN usage should be 2 GB. Considering that other messengers take around 20 GB, such size is laughable.

Regarding the OS itself, the LAN chat app allows many options. It works on all available Windows OS, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016. Your employees can use a different OS, it doesn’t matter as LAN can be easily installed on each of them. Other platforms it supports include Mac OS and Android 4.x – 8.x.

The local messaging app is the best option for your business because it takes up minimal space and has the most basic system requirements. Essentially, all you should do is have a computer with the lowest amount of RAM. The software is guaranteed to work on it.

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