LAN Files Transferring Without FTP and Local Folders

LAN Files Transferring Without FTP and Local Folders

Transfer files from PC to PC described in this website guide is an essential process of every business organization. They help the employees exchange crucial information and receive important data. Specific network protocols such as FTP function between the client and the server and local folders store the attachments within the computer. However, both of these options are problematic, which is where LAN messenger comes into play.

Problems with FTP and Local Folders

The main issue with FTP is that its failure rate is around 8%, which is quite expensive. The data are not encrypted and thus the data exchanged might be hacked. There is no IT governance and no reporting options, so when you send a file, you won’t see if it’s received or not.

Local folders are useful as they help you keep track of your attachments, but with no proper automation features, they will clutter up space, which can be annoying at best and damaging at worst. So, how to transfer files without FTP and local folders?

LAN Messenger

LAN messenger is based on the local area network, so it doesn’t need an Internet connection, meaning that outside dangers are invalid. The files won’t be hacked by others. Furthermore, it automatically encrypts all messages, so the risk of information interceptions is zero. There’re other key advantages involved in information exchange, such as:

  • Reporting features;
  • No additional space required;
  • Several ways of file transfers.

When the documents are sent, you’ll be able to see the moment when the recipient gets and opens them thanks to LAN reporting features. Also, LAN doesn’t require any additional servers, so no space will be taken for message storage.

Dropping the Files onto the User’s Icon

Transferring files through LAN is very easy. The first way to do it is to double-click on the one you need, drag it to the LAN chat window, and drop it onto the icon of the user you want to send this file to. That’s it! The process of the download will start automatically.

Dropping the Files onto the Conversation Window    

The second option requires you to do practically the same. You have to double-click on the file and drop it onto the window with a chat you’re having with a specific user. Instead of storing the attachments on your computer, LAN creates an automatic link to the files you download. You and your recipient will be able to access them whenever you want.  

This way, the LAN transfer process doesn’t require such problematic things as FTP and local folders. Your data will be sent quickly, securely, and they won’t take up any space.

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